I do (wedding photography)

Repeated good feedback on my photography and a recent equipment purchase have convinced me to start photographing weddings more regularly.

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Avalanches on demand

A clip from BBC series Human Planet, showing avalanche control of the mountains near Grindelwald in Switzerland.

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Interview in Czech photo blog Odcloneno

I was contacted a while back by the editor of Czech photo blog Odcloněno, Michal Fanta: Michal asked to interview me and use some of my photos on the blog. The interview was published this morning; here's the English transcript. Many thanks to Michal for the exposure and, as he's mentioned; please do get in touch if you'd like to volunteer for this year's continuation of the One Frame Movie series.

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Serious compact cameras

The search for new camera equipment has taken in a wide range of potential new kit, from the lens I wrote about recently to a new flashgun and the potential decision to spend more time shooting with film cameras. In my search for new equipment, I have spent a lot of time researching and cross-checking compact cameras: the best of which would potentially be added to my kit as an alternative for when I want to shoot unobtrusively or when I don't want to take my full-sized SLR with me.

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Random Ear Movements

A detailed look back on a little over twenty years as an R.E.M. fan, with details of what each of the albums means to me and what part music has played in my life so far.

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Balchrick, Scotland

Although it doesn't look much, this remote - really remote - hamlet was the turning point on our mammoth road trip last summer, from Switzerland to Scotland and back.

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Beyond Kinlochbervie lies one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Sutherland: Oldshoremore.

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Annual siren testing

Annual siren testing

One of these days, I’m going to remember (without looking it up on Twitter) that the annual siren test takes place across the whole of Switzerland on the first Wednesday of February. More information on the Swiss government’s portal.

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