Regular visitors will note that the new year saw two changes here at Permanent Tourist: namely, the reduction in size of images in articles and the re-naming of the section you’re in now to “Blog”. I decided a couple of years ago to rename the section from “Blog” to “Articles” in order to reflect a more serious, professional approach to the website; one which I’m now reversing to allow me to change the layout of the pages, and post even when I don’t have a photo to accompany what I write.

The decision to reduce the size of the lead image, where there is one, is in order to simplify the page layout: a decision which is the first step in (yet another) design revision. Large versions of images in the blog are still available in many cases: just click on an image and you should see a larger version appear. This interaction will be improved gradually, as further subtle changes to the website are rolled out as they become ready: additional improvements to the photography section and a complete re-coding of the site in HTML5 are also on the cards.

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