Swiss Strobist Studio Day

After several outdoor meetups over the past couple of years, I organized a day in the studio for a dozen fellow members of the Swiss Strobist group at Schliern, near Bern. I was a little unsure about how successful the day would be for my own photography as I prefer working on location to create portraits, but I’m very happy with the results. Having such a wide range of lighting and lighting modifiers available was good practice, to see how each affected the lighting in the end photograph. For a fuller write-up, see this blog post on the Swiss Strobist website.

Thank you once again to Julia, Erika, Laura and Dominik – our official models for the day – and all who worked together to make the day such a success.


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  1. What is so good is that you give one the feeling that they are not only attractive but are interesting and intelligent people.

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