Meeting up in a studio near Bern for the next Swiss Strobist session last weekend was an opportunity to chew the fat with Shawn again. We first met at the previous event in Lausanne and hit it off straight away; so much so, that we arranged to meet not long afterwards and ask Scott to help us with some photos in a much smaller group. Although Shawn was in the studio to take shots as a talented photographer, he’s often willing to step in and fool around in front of the camera. While this shot is fairly serious, others (like the one below by photographer Adriano Spiccia) show that he’s not the stern character he appears here.

jump training :)

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  1. Shawn avatar

    Thanks for the entry Mark. And RE-congrats on your photos (this one notwithdstanding :-). Something about the events you organise just gets everyone relaxed and happy,.. so it’s impossible not to get into the spirit of things. “Le Bonheur” is contagious !

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