Entries from April 2010

Köniz, Bern, Switzerland

Photographed from the viewing tower on the hill at Gurten.

Bern city from Gurten

A panoramic view of the river Aare and much of the city of Bern, including the old town, the federal palace and minster. Photographed from the top of the viewing tower atop the neighbouring hill at Gurten.

Cherry blossom

Gimme! Gimme!

If You Go Down To The Woods Today

Get Shorty

A gallery of images from my journey to the U.K. and back, to collect Jo in 2006 and bring her back to live with me in Switzerland.

Come Play With Us, Danny

Second image from a shoot in Bern, inspired by 1980 classic horror film “The Shining”.

Changing tack

A photo I took a year ago today reminds me to put down the lighting gear and head out with just a camera and a pair of comfortable shoes, to capture the light which needs no help.


The Fear

I continued with my series of set-up photos yesterday evening and returned to the PROGR building in Bern with a couple of volunteers, to try and get some different images from the last time I was there a few weeks ago.