Köniz, Bern, Switzerland

Photographed from the viewing tower on the hill at Gurten.

30th April 2010 | Read more »

Bern city from Gurten

A panoramic view of the river Aare and much of the city of Bern, including the old town, the federal palace and minster. Photographed from the top of the viewing tower atop the neighbouring hill at Gurten.

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Cherry blossom

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Gimme! Gimme!

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Get Shorty

A gallery of images from my journey to the U.K. and back in 2006, collecting Jo to bring her to live with me in Switzerland.

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Come Play With Us, Danny

Second image from a shoot in Bern, inspired by 1980 classic horror film "The Shining".

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Changing tack

A photo I took a year ago today reminds me to put down the lighting gear and head out with just a camera and a pair of comfortable shoes, to capture the light which needs no help.

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18th April 2010 | Read more »

The Fear

I continued with my series of set-up photos yesterday evening and returned to the PROGR building in Bern with a couple of volunteers, to try and get some different images from the last time I was there a few weeks ago.

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Waiting for Spring

Jo, photographed on a Sunday outing to the Gurten hilltop park on the outskirts of Bern.

12th April 2010 | Read more »

Memories of Great Places

A panoramic view of the small, remote town of Malfa on the Italian island of Salina.

11th April 2010 | Read more »

Float Like A Butterfly

A re-edited version of a picture from 2008 has been added to the One Frame Movie series.

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Down our road

A wideangle view of our road, with a panoramic view to Aeschi and the Alps, photographed in January this year.

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St. Gregory’s Primary School, Camberley

When I heard of the great ruckus surrounding the potential demolition of my pre-junior school in Surrey, I decided to return while I was in the U.K. to make sure that I had some photos to remember it by.

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Ewok View

Shallow depth of field brings a special feeling to a photograph, altering scale and reality so it looks just a little unusual. By setting a wider aperture in your camera, the depth of field will become smaller and the areas nearer to and further away from the camera will be…

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Experiments in HDR

I've been meaning to spend a little time to sit down and really get to grips with the High Dynamic Range editing process. For the unititiated, the HDR is a photo which contains detail within a much wider range of tones than is possible through an individual shot, from deep shadows to bright highlights.

3rd April 2010 | Read more »

Spring Daffodils

Spring flowers in bloom in the small copse near the house where I grew up.

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