During the time that I have been living in Switzerland, I have made many new friends in the creative community and worked with them to create a number of individual images and personal projects.

Many of the projects I have worked on involve portraiture, taking my subjects into alternative environments instead of the studio to create unique and characterful images. I have photographed bands, couples and individuals over the past few years and as my collection of images increases, the more requests for photography I receive.

I am continually on the lookout for interesting and characterful places to use in my photography and I am compiling a list of possible locations, to which I can return in the future and use in my photography. I am particularly looking for locations in Bern (city and canton), although suggestions for locations further afield are more than welcome. The first locations on my list will be for the continuation of my One Frame Movie series, which will not only take place in Bern but also as far afield as Winterthur, Zürich, Lausanne and Geneva. I wrote an article for the Swiss Strobist blog back in September which should give you an idea for the kind of places I’m looking for.

I do not have a fixed date in mind for any photoshoot or location, but I would like to provisionally compile a list of indoor and outdoor locations, contact the owners of such places, and gain their provisional permission for future photoshoots. I would, of course, be sure to contact them well in advance and arrange a mutually convenient time.

Photoshoots are almost always small: my model, an assistant and myself at most. I often set up artificial flash lights but these are entirely self-sufficient and would be used without any physical effect on the environment.

So, if you know anyone who runs a bar, restaurant, theatre, cinema, meeting hall or the like, or if there is a cool old stairwell or corridor in your workplace, building at home or on your route to work, please drop me a line or leave a comment here.

One Frame Movie

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