A snapshot from the crowd of Imogen Heap, a British singer-songwriter, performing live at Bee Flat in Bern on 10th March. The gig was fantastic: a small converted gymnasium played host to an audience of around a couple of hundred and despite technical difficulties – including a power short caused when a glass of beer fell over onto wiring on the stage – the wonderful music and percussive performance was made even more special by Imogen’s chatty approach to the audience, a memorable rendition of “Just For Now” using sections of the audience to sing back multiple layers of sound, her multi-talented backing musicians, and the support of Back Ted N-Ted.

Update: Bern freelance photographer Patrick Frauchiger has a great set of photos from last night’s gig in his Flickr stream.


“Just For Now”

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  1. Mum avatar

    Fascinating – I wasn’t sure to start with – but converted now x

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