One Frame Movie series continues

I first came up with the idea for a new photographic series entitled “One Frame Movie” after creating this shot of Bern band “Choo Choo” at the May meeting of Swiss Strobist photographers last year. I took a couple more shots to add to the series and I was very happy with the results, so I decided to make the series a main focus of my efforts in the direction of artifically illuminated photographs.

After an enquiry from a gallery owner regarding a possible exhibition – an idea which has since dusted over after the gallery owner stopped responding to any emails from myself or a friend – I spent a week and a few hours over the next couple of weekends adding to the set, creating images such as the ones in Zürich, Lausanne and Bern, which have proven to be amongst my favourites so far. The shot above, of fellow photographer Shawn Koppenhoefer, was one of my favourites of the Lausanne set (as yet not yet published in full).

With the arrival of colder weather, I decided to hit the “pause button” and take a break from the series: to regain perspective, get fresh ideas, and enjoy living life away from the camera. This shot of Manuel Reinhard was the last of the series I took in 2009, taken when the first of the snowy weather arrived in central Switzerland and helped me learn that a night shoot in sub-zero temperatures is limiting in the extreme for both portrait photographer and model alike.

New volunteers sought

Now that I’m well into 2010, I’d like to re-start the search for volunteers for the series: this time, with much less urgency, as the continuation of the series is purely for my own enjoyment now and I’m under no pressure to meet any deadlines. Photography is likely to begin in the spring, when it’s warmer, although I can arrange indoor sessions if the need arises.

What will you get for your efforts?

The photography will be a collaboration: you help me get the pictures I want and you’ll get a high-resolution copy of any successful images from the session, fully edited and ready to print or use for non-commercial purposes. You agree to let me use the images on- and offline for my own self-promotion and non-commercial use. (If I begin negotiating a commercial use for the photos, I’ll ask your permission first.)

Where can I see the photos you’ve taken so far?

In this Flickr set.

Where do I sign up?

Right here: send me an email at and you’ll get an answer straight away.

One Frame Movie

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