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I finally managed to find the time to finish editing a set of photos from September, when I visited the eastern side of Lake Zurich with Jo and a friend from work to shoot some portraits. I’d used Flickr to find the locations, the majority of which were relatively close to one another in the Seefeld area to the south of the city.

The first shots of the day were taken amongst the unusual concrete architecture of the train station and underground shopping complex at Stadelhofen, a shoot during which I was expecting to be interrupted by security guards despite gaining official confirmation from the SBB that photography in Swiss railway stations is allowed for non-commercial purposes. (More information about this part of the shoot can be found in an earlier article I wrote, entitled “It’s The Idea That Counts“.)

Tiefenbrunnen is a lake bathing area, which I’d seen in a few photos by friend Eke and had long wanted to visit, and the shoot there produced one of my most successful shots of the day. The nearby China Garden, in the park area at Seefeld, was an opportunity to try some different photographic styles and use a simple combination of black and white photography, shallow depth of field and movement to create a more natural effect. After visiting the Seefeld area, we paused on the way back to the tram stop to set up an addition to my One Frame Movie series, entitled “Running Scared“.

Finally, once the evening began to draw in, we headed for the Minster Bridge in the city to take a few shots using the illuminated city as a backdrop.

One Frame Movie

3 responses to “Portrait session in Zürich”

  1. Matthew Anderson avatar

    Great shots Mark. Lots of great variety and interesting backgrounds/foregrounds. I’m wondering if that gallery viewer you have here is a plugin of some variety. May I ask? I like how it launches into a full screen mode.

    1. Mark Howells-Mead avatar

      Thanks for your comment Matt. The galleries are displayed using a customized player which I built using SlideShowPro.

  2. Mark Howells-Mead avatar

    (Update: the SlideShowPro gallery player I mention is no longer in use on this page.)

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