This was an unplanned shot, taken of volunteer Niels for the One Frame Movie set of photographs I was working on a few weeks back. We were walking between two locations when suddenly, we spotted this mannequin in the semi-dark window of a nearby hairdresser.

Although the mannequin was spotlit, the lighting was nowhere near bright enough to be able to photograph using existing light. A second problem was that the bright street lights were reflected prominently in the plate glass window between Niels and the mannequin. So, I applied a little logic and completely under-exposed the ambient light aspect of the photograph, thereby making the ambient light reflections in the glass invisible. (My camera EXIF data tells me that I used a shutter speed of 1/200th of a second at f9.) I then added light from two snooted flash guns to the shot, one for the mannequin and one for Niels.

One Frame Movie

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