SprainTV – The Movie

Another in my series of One Frame Movie photographs, of Bernese video podcaster Manuel “Sprain” Reinhard.

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The Hero

Where some advertisers choose the "viral" route of making a low-budget film to publicize themselves or their causes via YouTube, others still spend the time and make an effort to integrate some very cool interactivity to ensure that their offering or message gains widespread recognition.

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The Bear Incident

Last weekend, reports quickly appeared on Twitter and Facebook, and thence to the local and international press, that a member of the public had apparently jumped over the fence into the new bear enclosure alongside the river Aare in Bern.

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Categorization bug in WordPress

I’ve been using WordPress for years and in the main, it’s a fantastic piece of collaborative software. However, the fact that the standalone version which is installed on one’s own server is supported mainly by community effort instead of a dedicated team means that when a particularly unusual bug…

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Minarets and missiles

A rare article in which I express how I feel on the subject of national referendum and the political process in Switzerland. This article has been inspired by a prominent national campaign on the subject of the proposed national ban on the construction of Islamic minarets.

25th November 2009 | Read more »

On the rails again

After a fairly long break, I returned to my major photographic project recently, which takes me across the whole of the city of Bern on a quest to photograph all 219 of the tram and bus stops of the Bernmobil network.

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In Transit

An attempt at the first in a series of 50 word short stories, inspired by my trip to Scotland to meet Jo in 2004.

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Glad I went, now

Jo and I take a walk through a misty Sunday afternoon to Faulensee.

22nd November 2009 | Read more »

Ballenberg out of season

An autumn stroll around the Ballenberg open-air museum with Jo's parents.

17th November 2009 | Read more »

iPhone and AirTunes

How I've hooked up my iPhone, laptop and stereo system to have a 50Gb wireless audio system at home.

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Survey of internet access speeds

I order to better cover the needs of my visitors, I'm carrying out a simple survey of how you visit the site.

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Why opening new browser windows for external links is pointless

Don't you just hate it when you've been using the internet for a little while and you have a mass of browser windows to battle with? Where the hell did that website go, that you were looking at earlier? Both of these annoyances are entirely unnecessary, and this article explains why.

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Niels and the Showgirl

An unplanned shot, taken of volunteer Niels for the One Frame Movie set of photographs I was working on a few weeks back.

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Things I could’ve photographed this morning, if only they’d happened

A greengrocer selling her wares at the side of the road starts throwing cabbages at a father and son standing at her stall without bicycles but wearing cycling helmets. A carriage full of train passengers passed out in their seats at the severe smell of rotten eggs pervading from the…

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Au Voleur*

The next in my series of theatrical photographs, featuring fellow photographer Tilman Jentzsch.

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Satzart/!frappant/book4you/flabs anniversary

A small selection of my favourite photos from the Satzart/!frappant/book4you/flabs anniversary party, in Uptown on the hill at Gurten, on the outskirts of Bern.

5th November 2009 | Read more »

Bar Rouge

The "Messeturm" in Basel; currently the tallest building in Switzerland.

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