Iron Mauro

The next in the series of One Frame Movie shots which I’m cramming into this and next week is of a colleague from work: Mauro (also known on Twitter as @ironmauro).

We headed into the city after leaving the office and set up in the arched arcade at the rear entrance of the “Federal Palace” (Bundeshaus). The security guard was surprisingly indifferent to where we were shooting, so this shot, taken minutes after the outer lights were turned on, is right by the entrance to the national parliament building. Had this been any other country, I can almost imagine police turning up to shoot us first and ask questions later. As it was, the shoot (at which I took a couple of variations and angles of the same lighting setup) took around an hour.

Have your photo taken in this style

I’m still looking for participants in shots like this until the end of next week. If you’re interested in getting photos for free, check out this blog post and send me an email as soon as you can! These will be the last portrait sessions of the year for me.

One Frame Movie


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