Into another world

Living at the side of the lake with a view of the mountains gives a picture postcard view of the Alps: beautiful sailboats flitting across the water with a monumental backdrop. However, taking the train into the mountains from Interlaken is a journey into another world. I love autumn, particularly in Scotland and here in Switzerland, not least because it’s the time of year when my wife and I celebrate both the anniversary of the day we first met and the day we married.

Last weekend, we chose to head for the Eigergletscher (“Eiger Glacier”) station high above Grindelwald: to appreciate the astounding beauty of the autumnal landscapes below the station, to be enthralled by the massive cliffs of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, and also to visit the polar dogs who are kenneled next to the station. Insufficient interest amongst visitors to the Jungfraujoch for sled rides means that they are being re-located at the end of the year, so we wanted to visit while we still had the chance.

5 responses to “Into another world”

  1. Dad avatar

    Absolutely brilliant, must give that a try when we’re over next,hoping its not going to be next autumn though.

    The tool used to show them in full size is great no faffing at each one

    LOL to Both have a good few days honeymooning

  2. Imogene avatar

    I could, theoretically, go there any day of the week but of course it wouldn’t occur to me. Stunning images of my favourite season!

  3. Mark Howells-Mead avatar

    Thanks, it’s our favourite too! Good to see that you’re blogging again too.

  4. gms avatar

    Terrific pools of light that day with lovely copper colours. I love the one looking down towards the Lauterbrunnental side.

    The full screen works well btw.

  5. mostlybytrain avatar

    A stunning set nice to see Kleine Scheidegg taken from some different locations.

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