The Restaurant at the End of the World

After processing a lot of photos from the past couple of months, I’m happy to be returning to the photos I took when Jo and I were on holiday in Italy this May. This is the next in the sequence of photos I’d like to show you, which is of the restaurant one passes on the way to the Sciara di Fuoco on the island of Stromboli.

After leaving the town behind, the path winds uphill through a gorse-lined landscape, until you enter an area surrounded by tall grasses and turn up the mountain towards the distant smoke of the crater. The next half an hour of walking is up a winding pathway, which is hot, seems never-ending, and which offers an ever more impressive view over the huge blueness of the Mediterranean. On the edge of the huge field is a restaurant, to which which we gratefully returned after scaling the steeper parts of the mountain. (Of which more soon.) The restaurant proprieter speaks no English but was more than welcoming; the Mediterranean-style open restaurant and terrace being completely empty when we were there, we chose to sit inside out of the sun, much to his surprise and approval.


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