There’s a story to this photo, which I thought you might like to share. The scene is inside a large tent outside the Munster in Bern, which was erected – along with many others throughout the old city – to host “Buskers Bern“, an annual street performers’ festival in Switzerland’s capital. Friends, with whom Jo and I visited the festival, wanted to see a group called “The Cosmic Sausages” and so we tagged along. The group are a British musical combo from south London whose routine plays skilfully and entertainingly on adapting popular and well-known songs for a comedic performance.

The huge audience, stretching well outside the confines of the tent, took great delight in the group and so it was only with a great deal of difficulty that I battled quietly through the crowd to get nearer and nearer the stage. Thanks to the experienced technique of a determined freelance photographer and a very professional lens – I was using a 17-55mm f2.8 Nikkor for the evening – I managed to quietly grab the attention of one of the band members between songs and asked him to ask the band to line up after their show, to have a shot taken with the audience. They were naturally happy to join in and so the shot above – a stitched panorama of two individual images, in which the audience were egged on to whoop and holler – came out just as well as I’d hoped.

After standing by the edge of the spotlit stage in front of a couple of hundred people and getting my shot, I returned to Jo and my friends to tell them that it had been me who had set up the photo.

“I know”, said Jo. “As soon as I heard the band say what was happening, we knew it would be you.”

More shots from the evening are online in my Flickr account.