An outtake from a photo shoot with a friend this weekend; Jo and Katrin on the shores of Lake Thun at Neuhaus, near Interlaken.

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Virginia Water

A small gallery of photos inspired by the silvery light mixed with deep shade in the forest park of Virginia Water in Surrey, England.

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Ten years of push-button publishing

On 23rd August 2009, the ten year anniversary of a web service called Blogger passed with barely a blip; only a small handful of news reports show up at Google's news aggregating service and the world at large has paid little notice to the milestone.

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Nick and Suzy’s Wedding

My cousin Nick marries his sweetheart at Abingdon in Oxfordshire, England.

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Sciara del Fuoco

Visiting the island volcano of Stromboli was one of the highlights of our trip to Italy and probably one of the top 5 highlights of our walks together.

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Regular free magazine coming soon

I have found a way of sharing high resolution images with you, free of charge. Check out this blog post for details of the "Issuu" service and how to best view a first preview document.

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Summer afternoon at Oeschinensee

Jo and I visit the alpine lake of Oeschinensee, in a mountain valley above Kandersteg, and take a dip to cool ourselves off.

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Free photo show in Bern

After the success of my last talk at the English Speaking Club in Bern, at which I showed a couple of dozen of my people and street photographs, I am pleased to have been invited back for a second free evening by president Corinne Oegerli. This time, instead of people photographs, I intend to show a selection of photographs on another theme which is close to my heart.

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The Restaurant at the End of the World

After processing a lot of photos from the past couple of months, I'm happy to be returning to the photos I took when Jo and I were on holiday in Italy this May. This is the next in the sequence of photos I'd like to show you, which is of the restaurant one passes on the way to the Sciara di Fuoco on the island of Stromboli.

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Cross-domain Javascript calls

A technical article covering the use of Javascript functions and files across multiple web domains.

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The Cosmic Sausages

A British musical combo from south London, whose routine plays skilfully and entertainingly on adapting popular and well-known songs for a circus clown-type performance, join in to help me get a great set-up "band shot" with a difference.

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Street Parade, Zürich (2009)

The annual techno- and rave parade through the streets of Zürich, Switzerland.

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Subtle lighting

A new colleague joined our team at the day job this week, so as usual, I was called into service to take portrait shots for our team's blog and website.

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Social media outages today

As I take a moment or two out of my day, Twitter is currently unavailable and has been so for over an hour.

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Advance Passenger Information (API)

New legislation means that pretty much every air travel passenger must submit their personal travel documentation – passport information – before arriving at the airport.

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Good Transparency

When you receive a tip of a cool piece of design from a company like Information Architects, whose Web Trend Maps are exquisite in their detail, you know it's going to be something good.

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A Permanent Tourist Newsletter? You decide!

Would you subscribe to a free email newsletter from me?

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Winter Sunset

A tremendously colourful winter sunset in Brienz, where I used to work, looking from the small tourist village along the lake to Interlaken.

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Street Parade, Zürich (2005)

A gallery from the 2005 techno- and rave parade through the streets of Zürich, Switzerland.

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Jo poses for an unusual night-time portrait in Spiez.

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