Timelapse Tram Ride

As I’ve mentioned a few times recently on Twitter, I’ve been out and about recently shooting more photos for my big tram project. I went out to the end of line 3 in the west of Bern this lunchtime and on my way back – after switching to line 5, which gets me back to my office – I decided to sit and take photos all the way back to the Mattenhof area of the city. I set my Nikon D80 to basic JPG quality (which allows the camera to take photos much more rapidly) and took over 900 individual shots on motor drive mode. Pulling them all together using Quicktime Pro resulted in a stop motion film showing the view from the back of the tram; a ten minute journey compressed into 75 seconds.

3 responses to “Timelapse Tram Ride”

  1. habi avatar

    that’s quite a wide angle lens :) how did you get the shots in the tram? do you have an intervalometer-grip? because i’m “always” using sofortbild.app for my time-lapse movies and this requires carrying a laptop…

  2. Mark Howells-Mead avatar

    Yep, it’s a 10mm! :-) Sitting on the back seat of the tram, I pressed the lens flat against the glass, put the camera on motor drive mode and kept my finger on the button! There’s a pause of a second or so every couple of minutes, to let the camera catch up. I wouldn’t recommend shooting in 1 second intervals for more than 10 minutes, as the card slot area of the camera was pretty hot at the end of the shoot from writing all that image data!

  3. habi avatar

    ok, that’s also a possibility to make timelapses :)

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