Wedding trip part 3: arrival in England

After a very long pause, I continue with my series of posts telling the story of our trip to Scotland and back to get married.

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One little soldier boy, marching around Bern

I've recently joined Jo in a drive towards more fitness and have rescinded the use of tram transport in and around Bern in favour of foot power.

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Guillemots at Elegug Stacks

Elegug Stacks are two limestone pillars standing freely, a short distance from the cliffs on the coastline of Pembrokeshire in south west Wales. Due to their inaccessibility, a multitude of birds are allowed to breed in comparative peace.

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Content being shifted

As is pretty common for me, I have once again decided to shift things around here at Permanent Tourist.

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Modelling tip number one: don’t hide

If you want to take a photo of someone else that they'll be happy with, or if you're being photographed, then here are the most important non-technical tips to remember.

23rd June 2009 | Read more »

The Cave

A moody, hand-held photograph of a beach cave in south west Wales.

22nd June 2009 | Read more »


One of my Gran’s endearing terms was “smogging” (which the rest of us know as “snogging”).

16th June 2009 | Read more »

My little sister

Photographed on Freshwater East beach during a family trip to Wales, where we used to go on family holidays.

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Street Scene, Tenby, Wales

A great moment as a family’s dog can barely contain himself on the way to the beach.

12th June 2009 | Read more »

Into the Future

Because I've wasted so much time with pointless babbling, I have had no time to create books of photography and of special holidays, yet I have wasted ten percent of my working day in inanities. So, no more. No more drivel. No more wasted time and a re-invigoration of my creativity.

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Towards the Stream of Fire

Visiting Stromboli was a long-time goal for both Jo and for me, though for Jo much longer than myself!

3rd June 2009 | Read more »

Off to Pembrokeshire

We're only just back from a trip to Italy and it's time to head off again for a foreign break!

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