Get your portrait taken for free!

Regular visitors and fans of my photography will be delighted to hear that I have added another level of pricing to my price listings: free! As you know, I love to take creative photos and coming up with special shots and unusual ideas is a real drive for me. A particularly great example of this is the work with CHOO CHOO this past weekend. By working with my own creative vision and a willing group of people, we created the shot above which has proven to be very popular and which has whetted my appetite to take more “theatrical” shots.

So, how does it work?

Fairly simply: I would like to ask couples and groups to volunteer to have their photo taken and work with me to create unique and special images. You voluntarily spend time with me to work together on the shoot and create the image/s I want to achieve. In return, I don’t charge my expenses or for taking the photos, while you get JPG copies of the final pictures in full resolution for non-commercial use only. (In photographer circles, this arrangement is known as “time for prints“, or TFP for short.)

If you want exhibition quality prints of the final photo/s from A4 size upwards, then you can buy as many copies as you like at a discounted price.

That’s it! Nice and easy. All that remains is for you to drop me a line and we’ll arrange a date and location for the shoot!

Update: after talking with people, I re-wrote parts of this blog post to explain more clearly what I’m trying to achieve.

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