CHOO CHOO, Bern Strobist day

This is the kind of shot that I hope to achieve more by continuing to work with CHOO CHOO in future. They’re a great bunch, not just musically but also fun and motivated; being around them infuses everyone with energy, once they get going! No setup at all on this shot: just a grab as Lili and Dan started fooling around, which has become one of my favourite shots from our day with the Swiss Strobist crowd in Bern.


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  1. That works really well. Was strobist lighting used or was it purely natural light.

    I like the “Clint Eastwood” stare on the right, and can I dare to say that his red shades make it :-)

    • There were two flashguns; one left and one right. Others used them to warm up the shaded scene, but in my interpretation, they just serve to get light on the subjects in the shadow of the bridge.

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