Spiez to Malpensa airport

This post was originally written whilst waiting for a flight to Sicily from Milan’s Malpensa airport. We’re sitting in the marbled monotony of the departure gate at Milan’s Malpensa airport after the first leg of our trip, which saw us take the train from Spiez through the alpine tunnels as…

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Brent and Marta’s wedding

Starting with a long journey to the Aeolian Islands and pre-wedding drinks on a tempestuously windy hotel terrace, Jo and I had a great time at my oldest friend Brent's wedding to his Italian sweetheart, Marta.

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Off to Salina

Time flies; it's already two weeks shy of a year since my last trip to Italy with Jo. We're off again on Thursday, this time to the tiny island of Salina, amongst the Aeolian group of islands off the north coast of Sicily. As is usual before a holiday, I have much to wrap up at work as I am quickly asked to finish off tasks and get projects to a certain stage before I go. Tonight, I will be ensuring that I am fully packed so that tomorrow evening can be spent relaxing before our long journey south. The trip will be quiet from an internet point of view – my Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as the blog, will be pretty much silent as I've deliberately chosen a hotel with no internet access.

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Get your portrait taken for free!

Regular visitors and fans of my photography will be delighted to hear that I have added another level of pricing to my price listings: free!

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Stay away from the “Delete” button

By whittling down pictures while you are still shooting, or when you are trying to assess their merits on a tiny little screen, you always run the risk of deleting a shot which later turns out to be one you really like.

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CHOO CHOO, Bern Strobist day

This is the kind of shot that I hope to achieve more by continuing to work with CHOO CHOO in future. They’re a great bunch, not just musically but also fun and motivated; being around them infuses everyone with energy, once they get going! No setup at all on…

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