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iPhone dilemma

When I next renew my mobile phone contract in May, I will be entitled to get a new mobile phone at a much reduced price. I’m currently getting ahead of myself and trying to decide whether I really need a cameraphone with many megapixels, or whether I should just follow my instinct, get an iPhone and use it as a for-web-only creative device. To that end, here’s a shot using colleague Remo’s iPhone, which I’ve tweaked in Lightroom. What do you think: iPhone and existing, regular 10 Mpx snapshot camera, or alternative cameraphone with lesser internet capabilities and more megapixels? Bearing in mind, of course, that I will have other cameras with me when I really want to take “proper” photos.

2 responses to “iPhone dilemma”

  1. Paul Shadwell avatar

    My contract is up at the end of this month.

    I would be inclined to wait until at least WWDC to find out if the next gen iPhone is released.

    Hardware will be significantly upgraded but don’t tell anyone I said so ;-)


  2. Rob avatar

    Whereas Paul means next gen Hardware and not the 3.0 software …
    … otherwise, take a look at a fully featured phone (as opposed to what Apple thinks we want) with high resolution screen and a five MP Camera.
    I have four Macs at home but use an HTC Touch HD for communication and emergency photographs.

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