Marzili funicular, Bern, Switzerland

I’ve been wandering the streets of Bern at lunchtime all week, taking photos of buildings, views and scenes: most of which have been series of individual pictures to bring home and stitch together on the computer. This is one of my more successful results, which is a stitch of 12 pictures to show the panoramic view from the top of the hill at Marzili, alongside the parliament building in Bern. Although perfectionists will complain about the obvious photoshopping of the alps in the distance (which really are there as part of the view), I’m quite pleased that I managed to take two sets of pictures which match up so well. The exposure for the alps was four stops darker than the exposure for the city, and I had to manually mix the two to create this image. The full resolution version of this image is a 700 Mb TIFF file; my contacts can down a 50% quality JPG at the full 45 Mpx size.

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