It’s probably been two years in the making, but I have finally gotten around to transferring the idea in my head into Flash and WordPress to create a sparkly new front page for this website. The basic premise is that whereas I give out my Moo cards to promote my photography, I haven’t had a “punch them in the face” page to impress first time visitors to my website. That’s now been rectified and I have pulled a few of my more impressive photos out of the archives and integrated them into a 6×17 format slideshow. Check out the new front page of Permanent Tourist and let me know what you think!

Update: the referenced front page fell by the wayside later in 2009, as I once more re-jigged the layout and structure.

2 responses to “Permanent Tourist – new front page”

  1. Dad avatar


    A fine view into your world, as if I didn’t know

    I’m sure it will bring the desired effect

  2. Mum avatar

    Absolutely love the new look

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