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Free slideshow and photo talk in Bern

>I will be speaking and showing a collection of photographs at the English Speaking Club in Bern on Thursday 12th March, from 9 p.m.

Jo and I visited the English Speaking Club in Bern a little while back, and we’ve become friends with several members there, who we seem to keep running into when we’ve been to Scottish evenings, whisky tastings and a leaving party for a guy working for the British Embassy. It’s a novel experience to suddenly have so many new friends with whom we’re encouraged to speak English, so we’re slowly starting to plan visits to the club more often. After speaking to the president Corinne Oegerli a few times, I suggested a photo show one evening, which we’ve now been able to organize.

After I received such good feedback from other photographers when I showed a few pictures informally at the Viewfinder Centre meetup in January, I have decided to show and speak about a collection of people photographs, each with a story behind it. One of my enduring passions in my photography is people, be it portraiture (as you can see in the portraiture galleries here at Permanent Tourist) or street photography, which I particularly enjoy pursuing in cities and at unusual events like Street Parade and the Festival de la Cité in Lausanne.

The evening’s show will start at 9 p.m. and run for around an hour to an hour and a half. There is no entry fee and the club bar is open to all (at regular but good bar prices for non-members). If you’d like to come along, you can find directions on how to reach the club on the website of the English Speaking Club, or send me an email at .

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