I am currently pondering.

Firstly, that if no-one ever buys my photos, there’s not much point in being so obsessive about protecting them online. I am working on a re-design of www.permanenttourist.ch and am strongly considering using larger sized images for the galleries, without a copyright mark. If anyone wants to use them commercially, then I’ll hope for a credit and perhaps the odd payment. But to base the whole premise of my online self-presentation on making money, when I have yet to sell a single photo via online means, seems to be a little pointless.

Secondly, I am trying to work out why, when I design websites for a living and have been doing so for many years, it is so difficult for me to come up with a definite, killer layout for my own website. I thought I was making headway on it after a few hours over the past couple of days…. and then I saw Burn Magazine, which seems to be precisely what my subconscious didn’t know that it wanted.

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