Sharing photos online

News on a change of how I upload and share photographs online. I have decided that as a part of the re-design of my website at for 2009, I am no longer going to place copyright notices on my photos, nor am I going to place so much emphasis on selling pictures online. If people want to buy copies of my photos, use them commercially, or obtain high-resolution copies then that’d be great. But I don’t want to let the rest of the people suffer through impairing my photos with an obvious copyright mark. To that end, I am making three changes: the first is the aforementioned lack of copyright notice; the second is the reduction of the size of photos available to my contacts here on Flickr (from 900px x 600px down to 640px x 480px); and last but certainly not least, the upcoming introduction of larger sized and much more extensive galleries at, which will augment my selection here at Flickr. More news to come.

(Photo info: taken after our work kickoff dinner at the Restaurant Harmonie in Bern and post-processed in Exposure 2.)

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