Taking portraits is always a great opportunity and I enjoyed taking photos of Manuel and his wife Karolina this past weekend. The session was for charity; it was placed on eBay to support the Theodora Clowns through my day job, so the money which Manuel paid for the two hour session has gone to a good cause. This is my favourite shot from the day on the hill overlooking the old city of Bern. It’s been mentioned that this looks a little as if it was set up and composed from multiple images in Photoshop: but it wasn’t! The semi-studio effect was taken using a single strobe with large white umbrella positioned out of shot to the left. Photos from the session are now online at Flickr, some of which are only visible to those with my “friends and family” settings.

If you like these shots, or any of the portraits in my portrait portfolio, and you’d like to have your photo taken, please drop me a line through Flickr, Facebook or by email.

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