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Review of My Year 2008

2008 has been a great year for getting out and doing things. Jo and I are off to England and Wales later this week for our Christmas and New Year holiday, the fourth international trip this year, so I thought I’d post my end of year review ahead of schedule.

My Security Blanket

I’m not that good at small talk. I’ve spent much of my life being the quiet one in the room, in a group, in the office or at a party.

Let your steps be velvet

Henri Cartier-Bresson, on the topic of the photographer’s intrusion on everyday life. Poetic, apposite and worth remembering. …approach the subject on tiptoe, even if it is a still life. Let your steps be velvet but your eye keen; a good fisherman does not stir up the water before he starts to fish…refrain from snapping rapidly… (Read More)

The Present Christmas

I remember the time when those planning on doing their Christmas shopping had no choice but to psych themselves up for a battle in the shopping centres of the world; mixing with other well-willed gift givers and spending as much time waiting in queues as actually selecting presents. Engaging in the madness of the weeks… (Read More)

This evening in Spiez

This evening, I shall mostly be out with my camera and tripod, photographing the local harbour. Too cold. Perhaps another evening :-)

Bakery, Mattenhof, Bern, Switzerland

Not a direct copy of Edward Hopper’s “Nighthawks” but definitely inspired by it.

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Genius advertising

Watch this video and you’ll be glad you did. Watch it right to the end, when all will become clear.

Manuel and Karolina

Taking portraits is always a great opportunity and I enjoyed taking photos of Manuel and his wife Carolina this past weekend.

It starts

Our small Christmas tree is now standing illuminated in our office in Bern. See more [FliCHr Switzerland Christmas photos](http://flickr.com/photos/tags/flichristmas2008/show/) at Flickr.

Lorraine Bridge, Bern, Switzerland

A wintry view of the Lorraine Bridge, near the main train station in Bern, Switzerland.