Jo and I bumped into a couple on the train home from Milan a few weeks ago: a British guy working for the British Embassy in Bern, and his Russian fiancée. After talking about all sorts of stuff, including life as Brits abroad, we were invited to this year’s St. Andrew‘s Dinner to celebrate the Scottish patron saint’s day on 30th November. The dinner was this evening in a hotel in Ostermundigen, near Bern, and we’ve just arrived home after dancing, chatting, eating and whisky. (No, I’m not drunk: it’s not that kind of blog entry!) Jo and I had a good time, met some interesting and fun people, including (amazingly enough) one guy who was a couple of years below me at school, who I haven’t seen for almost twenty years. We caught up a little and I’m not the only one who’s been travelling: he has seen Foreign Office service in many places, most recently (before Bern) in Vietnam!

Anyway, to cut to the chase, I handed out some of my photographic business cards (made by Moo, for those who were envious and who expressed an interest in them) so if you’ve stopped by here to check out my website and photography, here’s a starter gallery for you of Scotland pictures. If you want to see any picture in a larger size or leave a comment (or even order one :-)) then click on the photo and you’ll be guided over to my Flickr account. Alternatively, you might also like to see my Permanent Tourist 2009 Calendar containing photos from Switzerland, Scotland, England, Italy and France.

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