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In Brienz

I’ve been taking a rest from photography for a while, as I had become addicted to finding “the next photo” and it was taking over much of what I did. (Hence the lack of updates here at Permanent Tourist.) I’ve been able to get my fix at work over the past weeks, where I’ve been lucky enough to be asked to take portraits of a range of people in preparation for a pitch to a client for their 2009 poster campaign; I can’t yet show you the photos themselves but will probably make them available to “friends and family” contacts on Flickr shortly.

In the mean time, I have been working on a personal book containing photos of my time in Brienz, covering the few years before I moved to work in Bern. It’s been fun looking back and seeing photos I’d forgotten about with work colleagues and in that part of the world, as it’s a completely different environment to that in Bern. I shan’t be making the book publicly available, but have posted a small selection to Facebook: drop me a line if you’d like to see a copy. My next planned public book will contain a set of photos I took on our honeymoon last year, which will be available on Blurb.

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