Kirchenfeldbrücke, Bern, Switzerland

First opened in September 1883 after a 21 month building phase, the metal bridge spanned the gorge between the upper end of the original old city of Bern at the Casino and the area of Kirchenfeld to the south. The 41 metre high bridge was built along with 5 kilometres…

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The Cablecom Debacle

The story of our Cablecom episode began when we looked into the possibilities of additional English cable channels at home in the Bernese Oberland. After several years of having just the most basic and outdated BBC Prime, which runs episodes of shows like Keeping Up Appearances and…

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St. Andrew’s Dinner

Jo and I bumped into a couple on the train home from Milan a few weeks ago: a British guy working for the British Embassy in Bern, and his Russian fiancée. After talking about all sorts of stuff, including life as Brits abroad, we were invited to this year’s…

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Free photographic desktop wallpaper

I’m feeling generous: there are now large images online which my Flickr contacts can download at full 1920 x 1200 resolution, for use as a computer desktop wallpaper. For those lucky enough to have two screens, the images will match up to provide a panoramic image across both…

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Photo book “In Brienz”

A personal review of my years with my previous employer in Brienz, primarily for my own photo bookshelf.

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Calendar 2009

I’ve spent time finishing off and uploading the last few shots of my Permanent Tourist calendar for 2009. The calendar, which I am publishing through the Lulu website, costs £28 plus postage and is printed at 34.29 cm x 48.25 cm, with coil binding, white interior paper (100gsm weight) and…

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Where the Hell is Matt?

Where the Hell is Matt?

Read the full story here.

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In Brienz

I’ve been taking a rest from photography for a while, as I had become addicted to finding “the next photo” and it was taking over much of what I did. (Hence the lack of updates here at Permanent Tourist.) I’ve been able to get my fix at work over the…

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Santa Maria del Carmine, Milan

An unlikely entrance for a massive brick church, looming over narrow lanes in the heart of Milan, not far from Sforzesco castle. Work began on the church in 1400 AD, following nearly two hundred years of religious gatherings on the site. After parts of the building collapsed in…

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