Tay Bridge and west Dundee from The Law

During a violent storm on the evening of 28 December 1879, the centre section of the first Tay Bridge, known as the “High Girders”, collapsed, taking with it a train that was running on its single track. Seventy-five lives were lost, including the son-in-law of design engineer Sir Thomas Bouch.

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Security threat

Not a great photo, but I’m posting it in order to wind up a security guard and highlight the photographic policy in the Wellgate shopping centre in Dundee. Moments after taking this, I was accosted and asked what I was doing. This photo is dangerous material, as I could’ve been…

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A Sun, Drowning

As office workers and shop girls sway home from the city on the dusty local train, the sun reaches out orange tendrils of light. Plucking ineffectually at the clouds, trying desperately to gain purchase, it sinks inexorably in the rolling landscape before the clouds catch fire and shadow overwhelms its…

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Flickr Strobist meetup, ETH Hönggerberg (Zürich)

Thanks so much to everyone who turned out yesterday on the ETH campus in Zürich, for a great afternoon’s photography, teaching and learning how to effectively use off-camera flash and achieve both dramatic and interesting portraits. A surprisingly and gratifyingly high number of photographers attended – almost 20 in the…

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Portrait gallery updated

I had the chance to take portraits of my new team colleagues this week, for the new website we’re launching soon, so the portrait gallery here at Permanent Tourist has been updated.

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Things are a little busy at the moment, so I’m much more able to consume than create. That said, this video-like time-lapse slide show of long exposures would definitely inspire me to take photos, if it weren’t for the fact that I feel uncomfortable around sparklers. Fireplays…

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