Swiss Strobist meetup on 21st September

We’re planning a day/afternoon of photography on the ETH Campus at Hönggerberg in Zürich, on Sunday 21st September.

We’re planning on separating into a couple of groups, with one or more experienced strobist photographer/s with a group of people eager to learn. We’ll set up a couple of shots, explain the lighting setup and then help you to achieve good results and set up alternatives if you have ideas.

If you’re more into portraiture using available light, there are no rules to say that you have to use flash! We saw many great results achieved in Winterthur in March this year, many of which were achieved using natural light.

Useful equipment to bring with you, if you can, includes camera and lenses (obviously!), any external flash guns you may have, a tripod, coloured plastic gels or filters (even lens filters might be useful) and a notepad and paper to jot down useful tips. If you only have a compact camera, you can still join in: there are several ways to get much better results with a point-and-shoot camera than just pointing and shooting!

If you’re on a budget, don’t worry! You can still achieve great results with even the most basic equipment! The lovely light in this photo of Jo was achieved using a flash gun, a piece of A4 copier paper and a rubber band!

If you have a little more equipment, such as optical triggers, light stands or spare flash guns, then please do bring them along. Be sure to mark anything you bring with you, so that equipment doesn’t get mixed up if you intend sharing it with others. Also make sure that you bring your equipment in a waterproof bag, as the meet-up will be taking place in September and it may not be as great weather as we’ll hope for.

To sign up and discuss the meetup, either add your name and comment at Flickr or drop me a line! Please also indicate what equipment you have and whether you’d be prepared to share it on the day.

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