A Bern Adventure

My recent purchase of my own "travel card" – namely, the Swiss national travel pass – will allow me to travel across the whole of Bern, photographing all of the tram stops in the BernMobil network.

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20 minutes goes yellow

It was a surprise, though not a shock, to see the free Swiss commuter paper "20 minutes" today in a special yellow issue, thanks to the one-off sponsorship by Rivella.

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Merligen from the Spiez vineyards

Apologies to those who may have missed my landscape photographs. As you can tell, I am beginning to get back into my stride, not least because my favourite season is rapidly approaching!…

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Swiss Strobist meetup on 21st September

We’re planning a day/afternoon of photography on the ETH Campus at Hönggerberg in Zürich, on Sunday 21st September. We’re planning on separating into a couple of groups, with one or more experienced strobist photographer/s with a group of people eager to learn. We’ll set up a couple of shots,…

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Choo Choo, Funk am See Festival, Lucerne, Switzerland

Welcome, visitors from the CHOO CHOO website!

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Dream come true

When I was in my late teens and early twenties, I dreamed of becoming a band photographer. I couldn’t imagine being stage-front because of the regularity of the shots, but more a portrait photographer; taking bands out and taking photographs of them looking moody in grotty locations. Thanks to Dan…

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Choo Choo at Funk am See, Lucerne, Switzerland

Swiss band Choo Choo call their music “60s garage pop”, drawing influences from 60s teenage beat, pop and soul as well as contemporary garage rock. I have photographed them in the Dälhölzli woods and back lanes of the old city of Switzerland’s capital, Bern, as well as at the Funk…

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Tea Dressing

I bought Jo this dress last weekend. It’s lovely; a modern tea dress reminiscent of years gone by. Jo’s figure and style is greatly flattered by dresses like this and where it comes and goes from fashion listings (so I’ve read: don’t think for a minute that…

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The Wrath of Nature

As the sky prepares itself for evening, darkening through shades of blue and colouring more and more from the day’s greyness, the cloud in the distance becomes more dense; a threatening presence trapped on the far side of the open doorway to a narrow alpine valley. Gusts of wind twirl…

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Reviewing the review

I remember the last time I reviewed a screen design with colleagues. It was for a small, local client, who was overwhelmed by the big, modern, alien monster which is the internet.

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New beginnings

I began my new job with Burson Marsteller Switzerland today. This is how it went.

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Choo Choo

This is my favourite of the shots I took of Berner band Choo Choo this weekend. The complete set is now online at Flickr. You can also see photos by Nick and Beat at Flickr.)…

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Last Day in Brienz

Photos from my last day in Brienz after seven and a half years with Gossweiler Media AG are now online at Flickr.

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