Wedding trip part 2: Reims to the Channel Tunnel

More entries in this series can be found here. A Buffalo Grill restaurant in the greyness of Laon. After a good night’s sleep in Reims, we headed onward towards our appointment with the cross-Channel tunnel at a rate of knots, passing through the first toll booth of the…

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TFI Thursday

So this is what it feels like to be on a last day at work. Not much different from any day over the past few weeks, as I began winding down some time ago and I completed all the clearing out of desks, drawers and files last week. Today, it’s…

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Storm Approaching

This is a rapidly conceived and executed shot, as a big storm headed in from the Simmen valley from western Switzerland. I saw the distant clouds being illuminated by lightning (which accounts for the varied colouring in the clouds) so I grabbed a tripod and framed my shot…

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“Good” photography

View this photo at Flickr » I had an interesting chat with a friend of [Nick]('s on Saturday evening, which brewed into quite a heated discussion about the perennial photographic question of what makes a successful picture. [Clive]( questioned my point of view that I am able to achieve perhaps five or more good photographic images out of every 100 taken during a day's shooting. It was interesting to get another experienced photographer's point of view and he made the point that if you were put on the spot and had to select your very best images for a portfolio, how many photographs would you select? I suggested a dozen but I feel that those dozen photographs would be the absolute pinnacle of your achievement, not a collection of the only "good" images you've taken.

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Ilona in Wollishofen

A friend who will be moving away in the not-too-distant future. I wanted to take a “proper” portrait before she leaves and shot this portrait in a graffiti-ed children’s playground in Wollishofen, after we all visited our friend Nick…

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Inexpensive still-life photography

View this image larger at Flickr » This Lladró statue, designed by Francisco Català, was a gift from my parents and fits well with my photographic tendencies. It is also a great test piece for studio photography,…

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Learning a lot, a little at a time

Learning a lot, a little at a time

This is a short (ten minute) outtake from David Hobby‘s workshop DVD set, which is on sale for US$139. The price seems steep for “just” a DVD, but reconsider: what you’re actually getting isn’t just a film, but an in-depth tutorial over eight DVDs (over ten hours of…

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Wedding trip part 1: Switzerland to Reims

I love travelling back and forth between Britain and Switzerland. Although it’s a long way, the journey is made pretty easy by the fact that most of the long haul is through France, where undulating countryside and unfamiliar landscape provides a level of interest and flat, straight, empty motorways make…

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Back to the Future

I've decided to blog about our wedding and honeymoon trip from Switzerland to Scotland and back again and this is the first entry.

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getURL and target “_self” not working?

If you’re a Flash or web developer, then you may come across a security-invoked problem whereby links inside your Flash movie don’t react, when you try and open a link within the current browser window. Crazy, I know, but bear with me. I have no idea why this should be…

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Strobism in the old city of Bern

I’ll be photographing a band in Bern at the end of next week with a couple of friends and so Jo and I headed to Bern last weekend to scout out some locations. We headed for the lower, older part of the city below Kornhausplatz and wandered down through Rathausgasse,…

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St. Peter and Paul, Bern, Switzerland

This is the seat of the Swiss reformist catholic church in Switzerland, formed in 1871. The cathedral is comparatively modern, having been built next to the city hall between 1858 and 1864, and was the result of an international design competition, won by a group of architects including Frenchman Pierre…

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Life amongst death

A visit to the ruined city of Pompeii is primarily about history, destruction and death. But there is a great deal of life there too; not just the tourists in abundance, but also a wide range of gardens and plants which have flourished amongst the dusty courtyards and cobbled streets.

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In case you were wondering…

…the pencil drawings and lighter boxes are the first trial steps towards a re-design, the first in three years. Not all changes this month will be offline.

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Into the end

In a day less than two weeks, I shall be leaving this office for the last time.

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Long Days on the rails

I received a letter from my new employer today, detailing the first weeks of my employment and lots of interesting sessions they have planned, from “getting to know you” time in the office in Bern to “an hour with the CEO” at the Zürich office. Starting on my first day,…

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General Abonnement

By my reckoning, I have made the journey between Brienz and Spiez nearly three and a half thousand times in the past seven and a half years: a phenomenal number of trips backwards and forward for a person who used to long to abandon the car and travel…

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Dark Interior, Pompeii, Italy

Jo makes her way interestedly around one of the few semi-intact rooms in the ancient ruined city of Pompeii.

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Issue 4 of Swiss Peeks: Multicultural Switzerland

The editors are currently voting amongst the range of wonderful pictures you’ve submitted for issue 3 of Swiss Peeks, which will be entitled “Reflecting in Switzerland”. We’re pleased to be able to announce the theme for the following issue 4 as “Multicultural Switzerland“. The theme descriptions in English,…

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Looking for French-speaking blogger and Strobist fan

Are you interested in and knowledgeable about Strobism? Do you write fluent French? Can you write well and are you interested in helping other photographers based in Switzerland to learn how to improve their technique and extend their knowledge? Can you spare a little free time each week to write…

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Dog Shooting, Pompeii, Italy

One of those perfect moments, when time seems to slow down and the photograph almost takes itself. A photographer taking a picture – “shooting” – a sleeping stray dog through anti-dust netting in Pompeii.

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Auto Cemetery, Kaufdorf, Switzerland

The Autofriedhof (car cemetery) is an extraordinary collection of rotting cars, dumped by a spare parts salesman on land behind his workshops since the 1930s in Kaufdorf, between Thun and Bern. The cars, in varying stages of decomposition, have remained untouched since they were abandoned in the woods and…

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Firefox takes over

With the release of version 3 of Firefox, I have decided to switch from Safari. I’ve been using the Safari browser since first using the Macintosh OS X several years ago, but the wealth of add-ons available, (not least the slightly dubiously named “Greasemonkey”), have finally swung me. I’m writing…

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Sunset, Spiez, Switzerland

I am inspired once more to pull my finger out and start putting photographic books together. One of them will be a series of shots of the Niesen, which I see as this view every day from our sitting room window.

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