Newspaper publishing in today’s online world

I joined a newspaper company in 2001 to help maintain and develop a newspaper CMS system, which the development manager began creating on his own in 1994. In the past seven years, we've brought in web browser interfaces, RSS feeds, AJAX data handling, online publishing tools which allow the output to be sent direct to our printers, some 100 km away. The whole pre-production process for online and print output is controlled through our custom CMS.

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A man, tired, carries his daughter onto the train as she rests her head on his shoulder and sucks her thumb. The train picks up speed and the man stands, resting from the waist on a suitably padded bench, with the girl half asleep and his back to the adjacent…

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Roy and Pat, Castle Gardens, Spiez, Switzerland

Jo's parents Roy and Pat in the castle gardens at Spiez last night.

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Laub from Tomlishorn, Pilatus, Switzerland

With Alpnachsee, Vierwaldstättersee and Stans in the distance. A risky photo: to get the right angle, I needed to climb through the fence and sit on the edge of the rocky cliff face.

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Positano, Italy

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A portrait of a work colleague during her cigarette break outside our offices earlier today.

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Azure Seas, Positano, Italy

The village of Positano from the road from our hotel. You can purchase the full sized copy of this image at

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There’s more to life than photography

There are times, now and again, when I wonder what the point is in taking photographs. I mean, there’s all the expense of buying equipment and maintaining it, there are all the hours spent editing and refining the images until they’re just right. Then, what to do with…

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Kemmeriboden, Switzerland

At the end of a valley on the northern side of the mountain range across the lake from home, this hamlet is famed across Switzerland and beyond for its meringues.

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Lütschine Valley, Switzerland

Not the best day to head up to the Alpine Garden on the Schynige Platte above Interlaken. The view, apparently spectacular, was somewhat shrouded by cloud today. The backdrop to this scene is the Lütschental valley, coming down from Grindelwald. Strobist info: one strobe on full power at camera right,…

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A young girl plays with a football whilst her parents watch the five-a-side matches going on elsewhere in the grounds at Lanzenen, in Interlaken, Switzerland.

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Leaving Capri, Italy

This was one of the most challenging shots of our trip to Italy. Making my way through the crowded upper deck on a fast, bouncing boat travelling over rough seas, to make it down the rearward-facing steps and onto the small platform at the rear of the boat,…

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Meads, Gruyères, Switzerland

Things are a little quiet photographically, as I’m working on the hundreds of photos I took in Italy at the end of May. However, I have managed to make progress on the photography section of my website, where new galleries feature much larger versions of photos posted elsewhere. Amongst them,…

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Back from the Amalfi Coast

My photos from Italy are coming online over the next few days at Flickr, where each image is accompanied by a small narrative. One of my favourite memories of the whole holiday was sitting at the bus stop on our way back up from the beach, after dinner.

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