Along this stretch of the “Seeuferweg” (lake shore path) are perfect homes for twitchers: this area is separated from the Thunersee by large reed beds full of nesting birds. We walked from Schadau to Gwatt Camping yesterday and my muscles are still aching satisfactorily. I wondered, as we passed this section of the walk, how people can earn enough money to have such houses in such locations, without inheriting them from family. I suppose that the closed shutters on the more modern buildings would indicate that they belong to rich townies, who travel down on sunny weekends to look at the view.

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  1. Will Neuert avatar
    Will Neuert

    I came across the above picture while ambling throught the web killing a few minutes prior to my next business appointment. I had typed Gwatt into the google search engine and your picture popped up as a opition.

    For twenty years from the late 1980’s , my parents and I rented an apartment on Ahornweg just to the south of this composition. Age and ill health have prevented my folks from long distance travel, and my tending to them has kept me away from this much beloved spot on the earth. I would walk that wanderweg from the Strandbad to the Bonstetten Park and Music School every evening after dinner. I miss it terribly, but have found some enjoyment from “googling up” a bit of vicarious travelling now and then.

    I recall seeing your “Permenant Tourist ” site in the past and remember looking at many enjoyable photographs, of Lake Brienz and Geissbach Falls and many sites in Switzerland and beyond. I feel that it might have been possible to purchase some of the images. I specificly recall a picture I really admired of the steamship Lotschberg passing the region of Geissebach as seen from the Brienz side of the lake. The ship was a small element of the composition of mountainside and possibly waterfalls . It was really enjoyable to see and a great catalyst to recall my past enjoyable times in the Berner Oberland .

    Thanks for sharing your artistry , and for all the great memories it has kindled.

    -Will Neuert-

    1. Mark Howells-Mead avatar

      Hi Will. Thank you so much for your great comment. I’m glad you enjoy the photos and that they bring back happy memories for you. All of the images on my website and in my Flickr account (with the exception of some portraits) are available to purchase: you can check out the prices at and see more of my photos from Gwatt at

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