Capri, Italy, 1999

Jo and I are on holiday next week, in the beautiful landscape around Naples. Here’s a flashback to 1999, when I was there with an old friend and travelling companion.

20th May 2008 | Read more »

Nikon upgrade

Jo’s become increasingly interested in animal photography and because of the restrictions which her Fuji camera have imposed, she’s been using my D70 with a telephoto lens. Sadly, whilst we were out at the animal park in Bern this past weekend, the Fuji gave up the ghost…

15th May 2008 | Read more »

Desk Memories

Photos of the desk at which I developed most of the websites produced by Mountain Multi Media in Brienz.

9th May 2008 | Read more »

Selve Areal, Thun, Switzerland

We were in Thun this past weekend, with a couple of friends from Zürich who’d come down for a day of “strobism” (the art of non-studio-based photography using portable flash units for illumination). As well as locations in Spiez and Gwatt, we sneaked into the dilapidated Selve area in…

5th May 2008 | Read more »

Seeblick, Gwatt, Switzerland

Along the lake shore path at Gwatt are homes perfect for twitchers: this area is separated from the Thunersee by large reed beds full of nesting birds.

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