A great piece of news for breakfast this morning: issue two of Swiss Peeks, entitled “The Red Makes It”, has been chosen as publisher Blurb’s coveted “Book of the Week”. We’re so chuffed, on behalf of all those who have worked together and contributed to Swiss Peeks.

Allison writes on the Blurberati Blog that the issue, which was released just last week, “wins you over with ever single picture” and achieves “an impeccable balance of color across spreads, combining photos that go together in striking and clever ways“. The editors are especially proud of this latest issue in the series, particularly because it’s been featured both at Blurb and also on the Flickr user’s Mecca: the Flickr Blog. Allison’s blog post mentions the concepts that the editors have for the book: that of collaborative community involvement, the promotion of photographs through printed media as well as online, and showcasing great photographs of as many aspects of Switzerland as we can.

You make Swiss Peeks what it is. Please join us, pick up your camera, and submit your wonderful photographs for issue three: Reflecting on Switzerland.

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