Jumbo Racing, Letham, Scotland

There seems to be a lot of comment about the new Flickr Video function introduced this week. The witch hunters who were in such uproar when Flickr went multilingual have found a new cause to flap at with their Photoshop tools and tacky graphic monstrosities. Their argument being that adding video to the service is a sell-out, that Flickr/Yahoo! are destroying the world and the Flickr community by selling themselves to the devil of moving images, and that the whole Flickrverse will collapse because of an anticipated sudden influx of the “junk that you see on YouTube”.

I find it particularly ironic that the people who claim that Flickr should be kept “pure” and only contain photographs are the first ones to fill groups with their non-photographic graphics and icons. And ugly ones, at that.

Here’s news for you, people. Have a negative opinion of video, sure. But please, get a life. Starting petitions and screaming into the ether is a sign of a shifted sense of perspective.

One: this isn’t an emergency service and no-one really cares if someone’s little 90 second film of flickering sunlight offends your eyeballs.

Two: you may not have noticed, but Flickr is already full of shit photos: adding video isn’t going to suddenly swamp the place with content that you don’t want to see.

Simply put: if it’s that important to you, then here’s an off-the-wall idea for you.

Don’t watch the videos.

(Originally posted at Flickr)