Entries from April 2008

Rychenbach, Switzerland

Spring is here

It’s been a long time coming, but Spring is here. Beautiful weather this past weekend, so it’ll soon be time once more to travel to Thun by ship for shopping trip, and time to dust off the camera to capture summer sunshine.

Simplon Pass, Switzerland

Accelerate, Berner Oberland, Switzerland

Originally uploaded to Flickr.

Jumbo Racing, Letham, Scotland

There seems to be a lot of comment about the new Flickr Video function introduced this week. The witch hunters who were in such uproar when Flickr went multilingual have found a new cause to flap at with their Photoshop tools and tacky graphic monstrosities. Their argument being that adding video to the service is… (Read More)

I know the feeling

Flickr Video launched

The new Flickr Video feature has been launched, which I have been awaiting with anticipation. Now, not just photos but also video can be featured in your stream at Flickr. More information on the Flickr Blog and in the Long Photos group.

The Making of Funky Kitchen Club

This is the short “making of” film which precedes the first Funky Kitchen Club show tomorrow evening. The “making of” film is due to be shown on ProSieben Switzerland in about 20 minutes, at 17.50 (CET). I’m featured (just visible, not interviewed) in this film at 2 minutes 22 seconds and 8 minutes 10 seconds… (Read More)

Swiss Peeks is Book of the Week

A great piece of news for breakfast this morning: issue two of Swiss Peeks, entitled “The Red Makes It”, has been chosen as publisher Blurb’s coveted “Book of the Week”. We’re so chuffed, on behalf of all those who have worked together and contributed to Swiss Peeks. Allison writes on the Blurberati Blog that the… (Read More)