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Things are tremendously busy, as you can probably imagine by the lack of updates here. Work projects are stacked up one against the other, the boss is continually bringing in new things to be done on the spur of the moment (like a ten minute presentation later this morning to the Head of Programmes for a leading Swiss television company, of a concept for which 90% is entirely in my head), and the projects we are desperately trying to close off have already been postponed several times since late summer last year. The project I’m releasing today was due to be finished before Jo and I left on our trip to get married, which gives you some idea of the stage we’re at.

In private life, too, time is tight. Thanks to the longer hours at work and a big private project which I can’t mention here (the walls have ears), I am backlogged with such things as photo editing, data archival and web projects, whilst more important things like talking to family and friends or going for a day out are continually pushed back and back. My goal is to clear the decks soon and in order to achieve this, I have to implement some time saving plans and re-jig my routine. No lazing around because it’s early, no piling up articles to read, no filling every last minute with _things_! I’ve just looked through my list of online articles to read and there are over sixty of them, most of which are interesting and none of which are critical to the problems I’ll be facing over the next few months. So, I’ve binned them. There will be plenty of time for social reading and further advancement after The Big Private Project. Most importantly, I have begun writing things down, which I have to do. This doesn’t help get them done, but it’s a very good way of being able to unload my brain of what I’ve heard referred to as “mental recall”. Simply, I don’t have to keep so much stuff in my head, which increases the mental pressure to remember everything, and by keeping separate lists at work and at home, I can more easily separate the two areas of tasks, worrying about one set at a time.

An aside. As I look out of the window whilst writing this, I see two fast-moving vapour trails high above the mountains, twisting and weaving in tandem whilst the countryside below stretches and wakes up. It must be an amazing feeling to have been up before dawn, climb aboard a modern jet fighter and be racing through the sky at such a rate, whilst other people are still making their sleepy way to work. That brings things into perspective.

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