Filming on Männlichen

I was asked at the end of last week by the director of a t.v. show to come along to Männlichen, above Grindelwald, and take stills from behind the camera.

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Walking on the Lake, Oeschinensee, Switzerland

The weather has been glorious today and, though we didn’t get going until a little later in the day, we spent the latter part of the afternoon riding the chair lift from Kandersteg to Oeschinensee, then walking through snowy forests to the side of the lake. It was a long…

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My Sunshine, Spiez, Switzerland

The 200th photo of my darling I’ve posted to Flickr.

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Keeping abreast

What is important to me, as a web user, programmer and community member, is the ability to access information both online and offline. I have long used the internet as a means of keeping in touch and keeping up to date, whether through reading British and American newspapers, writing email, using Skype to talk with family or keeping a blog going. If I want to know what's on television this evening, it's more likely that I'll open my laptop and pull up the television channel website than open a newspaper or use teletext.

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Izzy Wizzy

Things are tremendously busy, as you can probably imagine by the lack of updates here. Work projects are stacked up one against the other, the boss is continually bringing in new things to be done on the spur of the moment (like a ten minute presentation later this morning to the Head of Programmes for a leading Swiss television company, of a concept for which 90% is entirely in my head), and the projects we are desperately trying to close off have already been postponed several times since late summer last year. The project I'm releasing today was due to be finished before Jo and I left on our trip to get married, which gives you some idea of the stage we're at.

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