Dented, Brienz, Switzerland

I came a cropper when hurrying for the train this morning and ended up with people in cars stopping to ask if I was OK, as I sat, dazed and in a lot of pain, on the side of the road. I was out of breath anyway, and my high heart rate after charging up a steep hill made sure that I was really quite dizzy.

My elbow and neck, through the shock up my upper arm, took the brunt of the fall, but the corner of my laptop also got banged. Luckily, the lower corner was the one which bounced off the concrete, so I could repair the damage pretty well (with a small, light hammer and thin long-nosed pliers) by following this guide to removing the keyboard and inner casing this afternoon, and there was no need to get the display replaced. It just looks worn now, instead of gleaming as it used to. Credit to the guys at Apple though: the titanium case was a bit bent, but it made not even a tiny amount of difference to how well the laptop works.

Photo to follow later of my gory shirt sleeve… those with a weak stomach be warned!…

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