I’m getting married today!

Or, in other words, T zero! It’s been a long and eventful journey up from Switzerland to Scotland, though we’ve had only a couple of minor hiccups and no real problems. I’ve been keeping a diary as we’ve been travelling but as you can imagine, I’ve more important things to think about today! I’ll post outakes when I have a little more time but I thought I’d let everyone online know how it’s going.

Yesterday’s rehearsal was so sweet; one of the most endearing moments so far was arriving at Rosslyn Chapel yesterday evening and everyone else already there waving to me as I arrived, with Jo in front of family and the rest of our immediate wedding party. It was one of those moments which stick in your mind and (as a photographer) you just wish you had a camera for! Jo was incredibly giggly and soppy as we were practising in the chapel and I really didn’t even notice the other people around in the chapel; the world seemed to contract to the priest and to Jo. I can only imagine how it will be doing the same thing when we’re there this afternoon and I hope that Jo can get through the vows without being too overcome with emotion. I know that I’ll be grinning like an idiot and I’m sure you’ll all see just how much, when you see the photos which will be coming online.

My groomsmen and I are staying in a city centre hotel about five minutes’ walk from the castle, although we haven’t seen it today and it’s not playing any part in our day. I woke up at around 7.30 this morning in the room I was sharing with Richard, to see through the gap between the curtains that the sky was blue and that it’s a warm day, against the weathermen’s predictions. Right now, Nick has arrived to start taking pictures and we’re about to have a light lunch before getting changed and then heading over to the chapel, to arrive well in advance and maintain the lovely, cool, calm atmosphere which has pervaded all morning.

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