Entries from July 2007

Watching the Fireworks

Just Too Much


Jo and our friend Eva at the Giessbach Meeting earlier this month.

Rainy Train

A view out of the train window on my way home the other day, as the tail end of a storm swept over the Thunersee. No Photoshop work on this one other than image sharpening; this was the real colour of the scene.

All Hail Summer

Heavy, violent storms are sweeping across central Switzerland in the evenings at the moment, with the worst one bringing lumps of hail the size of chicken eggs. The hail was falling so heavily and lying so thick on the streets, that it was still around the following morning in Interlaken, where the damage was most… (Read More)

FliCHr at Festival de la Cité

More of my photos from Saturday’s meet-up of Swiss Flickr members at the Festival de la Cité in Lausanne are online here.

Salle de Versailles

More photos from yesterday’s Giessbach Meeting in Interlaken are online at the German-language website of the local newspaper.