"Long, long ago, amidst the lonely forests of Kandergrund, there was a lake which was colourless, just like any other lake. The petrified firs in its depths greyly reflected the gigantic rocks which surrounded it. Only wild duck swam on its surface and timid deer slaked their thirst from it. A young couple spent many moonlit summer evening on its banks, dreaming of young love. Once, the lad brought a boat and took his love for a sail on the still lake where they revelled in the prospect of their future together. But one day, the lad fell over a cliff while collecting wild hay. The news and the body were brought down to the valley. The heartbroken girl knelt by the corpse of her loved one and that night she fled to the still lake where she cast off the boat, striking around wildly with the oars in her grief, until she drifted exhausted, finally slipping silently into the cool waters of oblivion. As she died, the little lake took on the blue of her eyes and its waters have remained as blue as the sky every since, guarding the secret of this great love." (Source.)

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