Castello Sforzesco, Milan

"Betrayed and arrested by his nephew and son-in-law Gian Galeazzo, Bernabò Visconti stayed in the fortress, which was used also as a prison, for 19 days. Bernabò died in the Trezzo Castle in 1395. The last of the Visconti, Filippo Maria, continued with the building of a bridge between the two parts of the fortress and a garden in the big green area next to the castle. During those years, the Castle (the biggest one among those built by the Visconti with its squared plan of 180×180 meters and its four towers in each corner) was transformed into a plain residence where the last of the Visconti lived lonely and unhappy until his death. His only daughter, illegitimate but recognised (her mother was Agnese Del Majno), Bianca Maria, got married to the mercenary leader Francesco Sforza, who had been called to defend the dukedom against the Venetian neighbours." (Source)

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