Learning Igloo Art

Jo taught herself how to make an igloo, when we were up on the Niederhorn on Tuesday afternoon. She looked as though she enjoyed herself!…

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It’s Archie

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Merry Christmas

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We Glow

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The Old Is New Again

I finally finished sorting through the old photo section of my website earlier this week, and the new Galleries section is online again. It features travel photography, focusing particularly on daily life in Switzerland and Great Britain (no pun intended), and there are currently over 700…

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Zürich By Night

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The Burning Bushes

More from this series – with Jo, Bruno, Nick and Ilona at Uetliberg and in Zürich over the weekend – in my flickr.com photo stream.

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Tatty but proud

Something about this photograph sums up the British seaside experience, which I love. Fish and chips, of course, and a setting which was created nearly a century ago. Now faded and a little tatty, but nevertheless staunchly bright and proud.

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Way to work

My daily route to work alongside the Brienzersee takes me between mountains and lake, winding closely along the water’s shore and through incredibly dramatic scenery.

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Frosty mornings

The weather is rapidly turning to what it should be at this time of year: snow, frost and cold winds. A thick frost glazed our bedroom skylights this morning and coated the roads, pathways and (as you can see by this picture) the quay in Brienz, until mid-morning.

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[Christmas arrived in our home last weekend](/journal/2006/12/11/twinkle-twinkle-little-star/) and, since then, the walls and warm wooden beams and pillars have been illuminated softly by fairy lights. Red glass baubles glow, candles twinkle, and the frosty winter world remains firmly outside.

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Last Christmas

Wonderfully happy memories of flying to Scotland last Christmas, spending time with Jo’s parents and later waking up with my love for our first Christmas Day together, at my parents’ house in England. This shot – a wobbly long-exposure I took using a tripod kindly lent for the evening by…

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The View from Spiez Station

The harbour area of Spiez, taken from the train station. Poet Josef Viktor Widmann (1842–1911) wrote in his book Spaziergänge in den Alpen (Strolls in the Alps) that “the view from Spiez Station is one of the most beautiful in the world“. I’d imagine that the foreground of this view…

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Dawn to Dusk

Photos of mountains alongside the Brienzersee today at 8.22 a.m. and 4.50 p.m..

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Heaven is a warm, cosy home, with sparkling candles, a Christmas tree dusted with (fake) snow, and my love wrapped in a soft blanket with me, watching a good film after eating one of her delicious meals.

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A tiny cottage buried in a vineyard near our home in Spiez, which is festooned with fairy lights around Christmas time. One could well imagine that it’d make a lovely little hidey hole, away from the crowds, where one could half expect to meet Annie Hawes and her sister…

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Way Back When

Norfolk, in about 1997. Photo by my aunt Anna.

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Your Say

As you can see, I’m adjusting and honing the website a little. I found that, on some monitors, the white text on the dark background has been difficult to read, particularly over longer passages of writing. How does this look? What do you think? Please leave a comment with your…

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Home Town

When I see black and white photographs of London at night, I am reminded of when I used to go in to the city from where I lived in England, either to visit friends or just to experience the hustle, bustle and lively atmosphere. I was born in the centre of London and lived there for the first six years of my life, which may be why I feel that it is my home town. I've always been drawn to the city and a kind of imaginary view of it; first inspired by pictures in a D.I.Y. folder belonging to my father of brickwork, white painted wood and green frondy plants, which came to define my later, invented view of Seventies London.

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For Jo

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Coming soon

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